Product Builders

All product builder pages will be listed in Dashboard/ Product Builders. You can Add new/ Remove product builder here.

Adding a new product builder or click on any product builder to edit it.

1. Product Builder name, for example: Build your dream PC.

2. Permalink: The URL of the product builder page, you can edit the URL

3. Shortcode: A shortcode of the product builder is generated that allows you to put the product builder everywhere.

Guide steps:

3.1.  Copy the shortcode

3.2.  Go to Pages > Add new product builder page.

3.3. Name for the page, add shortcode there and save.

4. Select categories/products: Show categories/ products to select for each step.

5. Search product/category: This tool helps you to search for a product/category quickly when you have a lot of products/categories.

6. The visible area of products and categories: When you select categories/products in (4), the categories/products will show in this area for you to choose.

7. Add a new step: Click to add a new step, a box appears to add the name of the step, you can edit the name, change categories/products in each step by clicking on that category/product in that step.

1. Text prefix each step: Auto names the step with the certain text prefix and suffix.

2. Description: Enter the step description to tell more what step is.

3. Children categories: Get all product in children categories

4. Add many products in step: Allow to select more than one product in a step.

5. Quantity field: Enable to show the quantity option if the customer needs more than one. Deactivate this option if you default the quantity 1.

6. Preview button: Show the preview button after a step is selected. Deactivate it if you want to show the preview button just in the final step.

7. Preview button always show: Show the preview button in every step.

8. Remove all button: Remove all the selected items in all steps.

9. Search product form: Display search products form by ajax

10. Product is required each step: Enable this option if each step is mandatory to choose. The customer can not skip any steps.

11. Product per page: The Number of products is shown per page.

12. Depend: Select how will products in different steps compatible with others. The plugin will use the attributes to know which products are compatible.