Faview – Virtual Reviews for WooCommerce

Created: 12/2018

Latest updated: 06/2022 – Updated version: 1.0.0

By: VillaTheme

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Faview – Virtual Reviews for WooCommerce is a powerful tool that will help you create and add lots of reviews to your product. Specially designed for WooCommerce stores, and will be extra helpful if your website is new without too many reviews. A website with lots of reviews has its advantages as it looks reliable to customers and they tend to view the reviews before purchasing any item, and they’re likely to leave a reviews if they see there’re many reviews before them.

So basically, Faview can help you not only build your website a good reputation, make it look busier, but also encourage the users to visit your site, learn more about your items, purchase them and leave a review back for that! It’ll potentially drag lots of traffic to your site.

Let’s see what Faview can do to help you achieve these things above:

  • Add reviews both automatically and manually to all/particular products
  • Schedule time to automatically add reviews.
  • Serve canned reviews that help your customers leave reviews faster and easier.
  • Make your own review content; add limitless canned reviews; and create corresponding replies for each rating.
  • Auto fill the review content and auto select 5-star rating
  • Add single or multiple reviews, control the quantity of reviews added if add multiple.
  • Reply automatically or manually to both real and virtual reviews, which can reduce your workload significantly.
  • Helps you style the reviews, and the canned reviews on the frontend, makes it easier for your user to leave a reviews with list of canned reviews, or by a range slider


Take a look at our short Preview video to learn about what makes us the best solution for new websites which don’t have many customer reviews.

System Requires:

System minimum requirements:

  • WordPress 5.0+
  • PHP 7.0+
  • WooCommerce 5.0+

Install Plugin:

Go to Plugin/Add New /Upload Plugin/Choose file/ select plugin file zip/ Install Now/Active Plugin



After you finish uploading the plugin, you can go to the plugin settings to configure each part one by one.

First, you should configure the settings for the Reviews first – Visit this documentation.

Then, you can start adding virtual reviews – both manually and automatically.

Scroll down through this documentation to learn each setting of the plugin, and what you can do with it.


Watch this video for how to use Faview – Virtual Reviews for WooCommerce



How to add virtual reviews manually

To add the virtual reviews manually to specific products/categories, go to Dashboard >> Faview >> Manual.

There you can add multiple reviews:

  • Add multiple reviews to particular all/particular categories; and particular products
  • Exclude categories/products when adding multiple reviews
  • Select how many reviews to add to each product
  • Select the time range, the reviews added will display the date within this range randomly.



Or add one single review to different products:

  • One review will be added to selected products in the “Products” field.
  • Select the review created date, and the rating for the review to display in the “Date” and “Rating” fields
  • Add your own review content and the author name for the review to the “Review” and “Author” fields.




Virtual reviews on Products list

On the backend of WooCommerce Products list, you can view the number of virtual reviews added for each product, and the average rating. More important, here you can add virtual reviews to any items, or remove the reviews from them.

The instruction for what you can do with Faview in the WooCommerce Product list are as follows:


Filter products with review count:

  • Select the option to filter
  • Add the review count
  • Click “Filter”


To add virtual reviews:

Step 1: Select the item you want to add the reviews

Step 2: Click “Add virtual reviews”

Step 3: Now select the number of virtual reviews to be added to each product, and the time range to display the review created date randomly.

Step 4: Lastly, select “Add reviews”

The reviews will be added based on the rules and the configuration you had in the “Review” settings. After the reviews are added successfully, you can reload the page and see the difference in the “Virtual review” and the “Rating” columns.


To delete virtual reviews

Simply do the same how you added virtual reviews, but instead of selecting “Add virtual reviews”, choose “Delete Virtual Reviews” in the Bulk action, and click “Apply”




How to add virtual reviews automatically

You can schedule the reviews to be added automatically in the Dashboard >> Faview >> Schedule

In this settings page, work with your schedule rules.

Step 1: Enable/Disable an existed rule

Step 2: Configure the rule with categories/products; quantity of virtual reviews to be added per each product; the time range and the frequency to add virtual reviews.

Step 3: Save the rule with the “Save rules” button, or add more rules according to necessity with the “Add rule” button.


The rule after being configured and saved will work the next day, you can view the schedules that are being applied in the “Running schedules” section.




  1. Rating: Choose the probability for each rating, if one review is added, this value in each rating is the probability the review with that rating will be selected.
  2. Quantity of bought product: The reviews with the purchased icon will include a value in this quantity range randomly
  3. Author: List of author names, the name will be selected randomly when review is added.
  4. Review comment rules: Add the rules for reviews here. It’s the reviews content will be added to different products and product categories.
  5. Add review with no comment: Enable this option to add reviews with empty content.






  1. Use for virtual review: Enable this option to use the replies below for virtual reviews
  2. Use for real review: Enable this option to use the replies below for real reviews.
  3. Reply author: Select the author for the replies
  4. Reply content: Add your reply content here for each rating.



Review form


  1. Auto select 5 star: The rating in the review form will be 5-star auto selected.
  2. Auto fill review: Add the content to be automatically filled in the review content. Leave blank if you don’t want any auto-filled content for the review form.
  3. Show canned reviews: Canned reviews are served for user to easily leave a reviews, enable this option to let your users use canned reviews while leaving reviews
  4. Canned reviews: Add the content you want for the canned reviews here
  5. Canned style for Desktop: Select the style to show the canned reviews on desktop view
  6. Canned style for Mobile: Select the style to show the canned reviews on mobile view
  7. Canned text color: Text color of canned reviews on the slider
  8. Canned background color: Background color of canned reviews on the slider
  9. Canned text hover color: Text color on hover of canned reviews on the slider
  10. Canned background hover color: Background color on hover of canned reviews on the slider
  11. Show purchased label: Enable this option to show the purchase label when adding virtual reviews. The label contains: purchased icon, purchased variation (if the product is variable), and quantity of purchased item/variation
  12. Purchased icon: Select the purchased icon here
  13. Purchased icon color: Purchased icon color for front-end display
  14. Purchased label text color: Purchased label text color for front-end display
  15. Purchased label background color: Purchased label background color for front-end display
  16. Custom CSS: This field is for you to add your own custom CSS.







Extra Information

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