Coupon Reminder for WooCommerce

Created: 09/2021

Last updated: 10/2021 – Updated version: 2.0.2

By: VillaTheme

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You use coupons to give customers discounts and encourage them to buy products on your store. But maybe the customer doesn’t know that they have a coupon on your store. Coupon reminder for WooCommerce helps you solve this issue. Coupon Reminder for WooCommerce is a WooCommerce plugin which helps you send reminder emails to customers before their coupon expired.

Create Reminder Email Template

The plugin allows creating multiple coupon reminder email templates with different contents.

  • Create email templates: the plugin allows to create many coupon reminder email templates to send at different times.
  • Subject: you are able to change the subject of the coupon reminder email.
  • Heading: change the heading of the coupon reminder email.
  • Content: change the content of the reminder email with text, media and shortcodes.
  • Shortcode: the plugin provides shortcodes, allows you to display necessary information in the coupon reminder email.

NOTE: Those shortcodes are for particular sections. They only work when they are added in their field. Eg:  {coupon_code} of Email content field can not work in Email subject field.

  1. Email subject shortcode:
    • {viwcr_site_title}: the title of your website.
  1. Email subject shortcode:
    • {coupon_des}: Description of the coupon.
    • {coupon_amount}: value of the coupon.
    • {coupon_code}: the code of coupon that will be sent to your subscribers.
    • {coupon_expiry}: the expiry date of the coupon.
    • {use_coupon_button}: the use coupon appear in the email. Allow customers to go to your shop and use the coupon. You can change the text and the link of the Use coupon button.
    • {viwcr_site_title}: the title of your website.
  • Design the Use Coupon button: the plugin provides options for you to change the Use Coupon button text and background color.
  • Preview email: you can preview the review reminder email in the back-end.

Send Reminder Email

Once a day, the plugin will scan your coupons and schedule to send reminder emails with the email templates you created. You can also scan manually by using “Scan coupons” button in “Scheduled email” section.

  • Scan coupons: the plugin will scan your WooCommerce coupons once a day. With coupons which have expiry date and specific allowed emails address, the plugin will schedule to send coupon reminder emails.
  • Sending time: you are to select a time to send with each email templates. For example 1 day before the expiry time, 12 hours before expiry time…

Download the plugin:

Get the plugin installation package from your account download page and save it to your desktop

Install and Active the plugin:

  • Go to Dashboard/ Plugins/ Add New to install the plugin using the installable zip file you have downloaded.
  • After the plugin installed, choose “Activate Plugin” button.

After finish installing the plugin, go to Dashboard/ Coupon Reminder to set up the plugin to send reminder emails.

  • Create email templates and schedule sending time.

  • Make sure you have coupons with expiry date and usage restriction. The coupon expiry date and the email addresses in “Allowed email” field need to be filled with available data (You can add more than 1 email address). The plugin will use these settings to scan coupons and schedule to send emails.





Email Templates

Manage your email templates at Dashboard/ Coupon Reminder/ Email Templates

If you do not have any template yet, choose “Add new”.

If you already have, click on the email template name to edit.


  1. Enable Template: Turn on the “Enable Template” if you want to enable the sending email feature.
  2. Choose time to send before coupon expiry date: Select the time to send reminder email before expiry date of coupon. Option may be Day, Hour, or Minute.
  3. Email subject: Type email subject as you want to display.
  4. Email header: Type your email header.
  5. Email content: Create your content using text, media and button. There is a list of shortcodes we provide below this section which is convenient and helps you save time. Before using shortcodes, make sure you read our instruction in this link.

Scheduled email

In the Scheduled Emails tab, you can check the email address that will received reminder email, status of reminder email, code and expiry date of coupon made.

  1. Scan coupons: Click this button if you want to scan coupons manually.
  2. Coupon code: Code of coupon that you create in Woocommerce Settings.
  3. Expiry date: Time the coupon expires, usually at 12:00 AM the day user sets.
  4. Allowed email: Email address that received coupon reminder email. Read more details here.
  5. Email reminder name: Name of the reminder email template. There are 4 states:
    • Green: The email is pending.
    • Blue: The email was sent successfully.
    • Red: The email couldn’t be sent due to some errors.
    • Grey: The sending reminder email feature is disable.

Statistics email

In the Statistics tab, you can check the coupon code, and number of times customers check out your coupon.

  1.  Coupon code: code of coupon that is supposed to send to customers.
  2. Tracking list: Number of clicks customers made to the button in the reminder email, times customers reload page also count.

Coupon Settings

In order to use the Coreem – Coupon reminder for Woo plugin, you need to set up expiry date and usage restriction email in WooCommerce coupon settings.


  1. Coupon expiry date: the plugin needs this value to schedule sending time of coupon reminder emails.
  2. Allowed email: the coupon can be used only with at least 1 email address or more filled in this field. The plugin will send the coupon reminder email to these email addresses.

Extra Information

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