Jagif – WooCommerce Free Gift

Created: 11/2021

Latest updated: 11/2021 – Updated version: 1.0.0

By: VillaTheme

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Download the free version of the plugin at this link.


After that, you’ll receive a zip file.

Go to Dashboard > Plugins > Add new > Upload file > Install now, then Activate the plugin to use


Jagif lets you create gift packs with available products in your store and offer them to customers when they purchased your item. When you want to offer your customers gifts, you need to have a gift pack first.

Jagif helps you control gift packs applied with rules you make. Start by creating gift packs with products you have in your store,  then add rules to apply them to certain products or categories, control which gifts your customers can receive when they buy whatever type of product as your expectation.

Jagif allows you to customize how it appears on the frontend all you want, catch customers’ eye at the first sight with your design. Other than creating gift packs to encourage customers to buy your products, make visitors feel like they want to purchase more items to get free gifts, you can also customize how the icon shows up on the Shop page and on the Single product page. Make them look really nice and attractive, with symbols, color, style and how they appear, catch customers’ attention at first sight and can not miss the attractive gifts.



Jagif – WooCommerce Free Gift allows the admin to create gift products and give them according to the rules you create when customers buy products.

Before using the plugin, please make sure:

  • The product you choose to be gift product must be in stock
  • The product which customers purchase must be in stock, variable or simple product to get gift product
  • The gift product must be selected all before customer click “Add to cart” button

With Jagif – WooCommerce Free Gift, you can:

Create gift products:

  • Set max and min gift pack quantity per one order/product
  • Select any in stock products available to be gift products (can not select out stock products to be product gift)

Add rules to apply gift:

  • Create rule for product or category
  • Add Gift(s) as you want to each particular rule

Customize gift symbol on front end in Theme settings

  • You can customize gift icon on Shop page and on Single product page
  • Customize how the gift card show: with popup window or appears below Add to cart button

Creating gift pack is an important part that can not be missed. Without gift pack, you can not offer customers gifts when they purchase products on your store.

You can create a product gift pack in the Rule settings. Go to Jagif > Add New > Choose gift pack. This will redirect you to a page to create a gift pack in the backend, with the product set as Gift Pack as default




Another way, create a Gift Pack in WooCommerce.

Activate the plugin. Then go to WooCommerce > Product > Add new

In Product data, choose Gift Pack

Step 1: The maximum quantity of this gift pack in one order: Manage how many gift packs a customer can receive when they make an order.

Step 2: Enter the product you choose to be a gift, set the value in the left column to decide the number of selected products in this pack

For example, The quantity of gift products is shown here. Customers can not change this number. Only the admin can do it in the backend.


Step 3:  The plus and subtract symbol is to add and remove items in the pack list. The number of items you can add to the list depends on the number you set in the settings. See this link for manage settings instruction

After creating product gifts, now you want to offer customers these gift packs when they purchase your items.

Go to Jagif > Add New

Step 1 (optional): Add a new title for the rule you create

Step 2: Select rule applied to Products or Categories

Step 3:  Choose Exclude or Include

Step 4: Add the name of the product or category you want to apply the rule to. Leave blank to apply to all products and categories.

Step 5 (optional): Add or remove the rules by using the plus or subtract symbol.

Step 6: Search/Add gift pack you for the rule. You can only add 1 gift pack for one rule title.  See how to create gift packs here.

For example, if you set the rule to include product 1 + category 1; exclude product 2 + category 2; with gift pack 1  >> when customers purchase product 1 or products belonging to category 1, they will be offered the gift pack 1.


In the settings of the plugin, you control the number of items for one pack/product.

  1. Enable: Turn this option on to enable features of the plugin
  2. Maximum number of items per pack: Set the maximum number for an item to be included in a gift pack
  3. Maximum gift pack per product: Set the maximum number of gift pack a customer receive for each product in the cart


Go to Dashboard > Appearance > Customize > Jagif – Woo Gift Box


Or go to Jagif >  Jagif Settings > Click “Go to Jagif Customize”


Now start customizing how you offer customers gift packs on the Shop page and Single Product Page, with gift icon and popup icon.



  1. Show in Shop Page: Enable to show the gift icon on the Shop page.
  2. Show in Single Product Page: Enable to show the gift icon on the single product page
  3. Position: Decide to show the gift icon on the left or right of the product image.
  4. Choose icon: Choose an icon sample you want among available ones.
  5. Icon Vertical (px): Drag the range slider to change which point to put the icon in vertical.
  6. Icon Horizontal (px): Drag the range slider to change which point to put the icon in horizontal.
  7. Font size for Icon Gift (px): Drag the range slider to change the size of the icon.

You can preview how it shows in desktop, tablet, and mobile versions.



When the display style is set to be “After Add to cart”, the gift box is shown below the “Add to cart” button, as in the image above.

  1. Box title: Add the title for the gift box
  2. Font size for Gift Box (px): Drag the range slider to change the font size of the text inside the gift box
  3. Change color of gift box title, product gift name, and when product gift name is hovered.

You can preview how it shows in desktop, tablet, and mobile versions.




  1. Gift Box Display Type: Show the gift box as a popup window or below the “Add to cart” button
  2. Box title: Add title for the gift box
  3. Font size for the gift box (px): Drag the range slider to change the font size of the text inside the gift box
  4. Change color of gift box title, product gift name, and when product gift name is hovered.
  5. Popup Gift Icon Position: Choose a position to set the popup icon
  6. Popup Icon: Choose an icon for the popup
  7. Enable Auto Show Popup Gifts: Enable to automatically open popup window without clicking the icon when the page reloads
  8. Enable Popup Icon Box Shadow: Enable to show popup icon with shadow.
  9. Popup Gift Horizontal and Vertical (px): Drag the range slider to change the position of the popup icon vertically or horizontally.
  10. Change color of popup icon, popup icon background, popup icon count text, and popup icon count text background.

You can preview how it shows in desktop, tablet, and mobile versions.



Thank you for your attention!

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