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Create 11/14/2017

Updated 19/10/2018

By VillaTheme

What is WooCommerce Photo Review?

WooCommerce Photo Review offer you a better review system. The review now will include product image. With photos, the product reviews on your site will be more reliable. By that, the plugin will increase your sale and traffic.


System Requires:

System minimum requirements:

  • WordPress 4.5.x or higher (Recommeneded WordPress 4.5+)max_execution_time 60
  • memory_limit 125M
  • post_max_size 64M
  • upload_max_filesize 64M

Install Plugin:

Go to Plugin/Add New/Upload Plugin/Choose file/select plugin file zip woocommerce-photo-review.zip/Install Now/Active Plugin


How to use

After installing and activating the plugin, go to Dashboard/ Photo Reviews to set up the plugin.

When an order is completed, an email will be sent to a customer asking for review with a link to the product page.

In the product page, a customer can post their review about the product include the product pictures.

When you approve the review, a coupon will be sent to the customer email.

How does it works


Go to Dashboard/ Photo Reviews to configure the plugin settings.

In General tab

  1. Enable: Enable/Disable the plugin
  2. Mobile: Enable/Disable photo reviews on mobile devices


  1. Include photos: Allow customers to post photos along with their reviews. If this option is turned off, there will be no option to post pictures along with reviews on front-end.
  2. Maximum photo size: The maximum picture size that can be posted with reviews.
  3. Maximum photo quantity: The maximum picture quantity that can be posted with a review.
  4. Photo required: Choose if pictures are required. If this option is enabled, customers will not be possible to post reviews without a photo.
  5. Sort reviews by: Select to display the oldest or the latest reviews first.
  6. Show review tab first: Select to display review tab first instead of description tab on a single product page.
  7. GDPR checkbook: this option is made to make WooCommerce Photo Review be compliant with the GDPR EU’s law. Customer will need to confirm that they agree for you to use their picture in the review tab.
  8. GDPR message: Configure your GDPR message.
  9. Rating stars color: Pick a color for the review stars on front-end.
  10. Verified owner: Select the verified owner badge style with 3 options default, text and badge.
  11. Front-end style: Select how will reviews are listed on front-end, there are 2 options Grid or Normal.
  12. Ajax pagination: This option allows customers to move to next reviews page. But it works only with the Normal front-end style.
  13. Reviews container: It should be blank.
  14. Reviews anchor link: Select your review anchor link.
  15. Custom CSS: Allows you to enter CSS code to change the plugin front-end as you want.

Rating Count & Filter

  1. Ratings count: Enable rating count on the front end.
  2. Overall rating: This will display the last average rating of the product.
  3. Ratings count bar color: Select a color for rating count bar.
  4. Enable/Disable: review filter on front-end.
  5. Filter area border color: Choose the Filter area border color.
  6. Filter area background color: Choose the Filter background color.
  7. Filter buttons border color: Choose the Button border color.
  8. Filter button color: Choose the Button color.
  9. Filter button background color: Choose the button background color.


  1. Coupon for reviews: Enable this option to send a coupon to customers when their reviews are approved.
  2. Photo required: Only send a coupon for reviews which include product pictures.
  3. Rating required: Only send a coupon for reviews with a rating above this number.
  4. Verified owner required: Only send coupons to verified customers.
  5. Review form description: Enter your review form description, this text will be displayed on front-end.
  6. Product required: Select which products that review it will get a coupon, leave this field blank to give coupons to all products.
  7. Email subject: Coupon email subject.
  8. Email heading: Coupon email heading.
  9. Email content: Coupon email content.
  10. Set email restriction: Coupons can be used by the received email address only.
  11. Select coupon kind: Select to use existed coupon or let the plugin auto-generate coupons.

Review Reminder

  1. Review reminder: Enable this option to send an email to customers asking for reviews.
  2. Excluded products: Select product to send review reminder emails, leave it blank to use with all products.
  3. Schedule time: Configure the send review reminder email time.
  4. Schedule time: Type in your review reminder email subject.
  5. Email subject: Type in your review reminder email heading.
  6. Email heading: Design your review reminder email content.
  7. Email content: Enter the content of the review reminder email. You can use shortcodes to display necessary information.
    {customer_name} – Customer’s name.
    {order_id} – Order id.
    {site_title} – Your site title.
    {date_create} – Order’s created date.
    {date_complete} – Order’s completed date.
  8. Review now button text color: Pick a color for the review now button text in the review reminder email.
  9. Review now button background color: Pick a color for the review now button background in the review reminder email.


Follow this guide to get an Auto-Update key.

Import review

Import review for a single product: to import review for a single product, click on the green “Import” review button on that product name. A window will open with options for you to start import reviews.

  • Product ID on Aliexpress: Enter the product ID on AliExpress.
  • Country: Select a country where you want to import review from.
  • Rating: Select which ratings you want to import.
  • With pictures only: Select to import only reviews with pictures.
  • Translate to English: Select to import translated review.
  • Download picture: Select to download pictures to your site or use URL from AliExpress.
  • Sort: Sort reviews by default by AliExpress or lastest reviews first.
  • Mark imported reviews as Verified owner: Mark the reviews imported from AliExpress as “Verified Buyer”.
  • Number of reviews: Select how many reviews you want to import.

All Reviews Pages

Use this shortcode to display all your reviews.

[wc_photo_reviews_shortcode comments_per_page=” ” cols=” ” cols_gap=” ” products=” ” grid_bg_color=” ” grid_item_bg_color=” ” text_color=” ” star_color=” ” product_cat=” ” order=” ” show_product=”on” filter=”on” pagination=”on” pagination_position=” ” conditional_tag=” ” custom_css=” “]

  • comments_per_page: number of comments per page -> ex: 10
  • cols: number of grid columns -> ex: 5
  • cols_gap: gap between grid columns(px) -> ex : 30
  • products: display reviews of which products ->ex: 99,100
  • grid_bg_color: grid background color ->ex: #000000
  • grid_item_bg_color: grid item background color  ->ex: #3c3c3c
  • text_color: reviews text color ->ex: #ffffff
  • star_color: rating stars color ->ex: yellow
  • product_cat: display reviews of products in which category ->ex: men
  • order: sort reviews ASC or DESC (by datetime) ->ex:ASC
  • show_product: show product summary on mansory popup -> ON/OFF
  • filter: show filter bar-> ON/OFF
  • pagination: turn pagination ON/OFF
  • pagination_position: left/right/center
  • conditional_tag: is_page()

Extra Information

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