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Create 11/14/2017

Updated 11/14/2017

By VillaTheme

What is Woo Photo Review?

Woo Photo Review offer you a better review system. The review now will include product image. With photos, the product reviews on your site will be more reliable. By that, the plugin will increase your sale and traffic.


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System Requires:

System minimum requirements:

  • WordPress 4.2.x or higher (Recommeneded WordPress 4.5+)max_execution_time 60
  • memory_limit 125M
  • post_max_size 64M
  • upload_max_filesize 64M

Install Plugin:

Go to Plugin/Add New/Upload Plugin/Choose file/select plugin file zip woocommerce-photo-review.zip/Install Now/Active Plugin


How to use

After installing and activating the plugin, go to Dashboard/Woo Photo reviews to set up the plugin.

Review Settings

  • Basic settings:  Enable/Disable photo reviews
  • Maximum image size allowed: The maximum photo size customers can upload along with their reviews.
  • Max file upload: The maximum number of files that can be upload along with reviews.
  • Photo review should be required: If this option is selected, customer’s reviews must include photos.
  • How review should be displayed: Select one of two styles.
  • Rating count: Select this option to display rating count.

Coupon Settings

  • Enable Reviews for coupons: Enable/Disable reviews for coupons. If this option is enabled, an email with a coupon will be sent to the customer when their reviews are approved.
  • Only reviews with photos can get coupon: With this option, customers can post reviews without photos but only the reviews with photos gets coupons.
  • Customer reviews of which products will generate coupons: Only reviews on some products can get a coupon or leave it blank to give a coupon for every product.
  • Custom the “Thank you” email and Coupon settings

Follow-up email settings

This option allows you to send an email to customer to ask for reviews and offer coupon.


How does it works

Review settings

Configure the review settings with options: Enable/Disable; maximum image size; maximum file quality; allow/not allow review without photos.

Select review style:

Photo reviews with grid layout.

Woocommerce default reviews with photos:


Coupon settings:

In this page, you can configure all the options of the coupon and the coupon email send to customers.

Follow-up email settings:

This feature allows you to send an email to customers to ask for a review or offer them a coupon for a photo review. You can custom the email, set time to send the email.

Extra Information

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