WooCommerce Lucky Wheel

Created: 12/02/2018
Latest update: 02/03/2018
By: VillaTheme
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What is WooCommerce Lucky Wheel?

WooCommerce Lucky Wheel is a plugin that helps you to collect customer emails by giving them coupon codes. Whenever a new customer visits your store, the plugin will offer them a free spin to win coupon codes. To get the spin, they will have to enter their email address.

Install Plugin:

Go to Plugin/Add New /Upload Plugin/Choose file/ select plugin file zip/ Install Now/Active Plugin

Done! Let’s start using the plugin.

After a successful install, go to Dashboard/ Lucky Wheel/ to configure the Lucky Wheel plugin.

Remember to enable the plugin in General Tab, also set up spin times options here.

Move to Wheel Design Tab, in this tab, you can customize the Wheel design on front-end with Logo, description, background …


In Wheel Setting Tab, configure the number of pieces, the price, winning probability, the color of each piece.

In MailChimp Tab, you can enter your MailChimp account API key then select a list. Emails addresses from customers will be synced to this list.

After finish that settings, your lucky wheel is now ready to collect emails from your customers.


  1. Enable/Disable the WooCommerce Lucky Wheel plugin.
  2. Enable/Disable the WooCommerce Lucky Wheel plugin on mobile devices.
  3. Select the “REST API” option when
  4. Select how many time can an email address spin the wheel.
  5. The time between each spin of an email address.


  1. Select the pop-up icon position on your site front-end
  2. Select the intent. This is the trigger that will open the lucky wheel pop-up. There are4 intent for you to select.
    Pop-up icon, display an icon and the pop-up will appear when visitors click on this icon.
    Automatically show wheel after an initial time: display the wheel after a selected time.
    Show wheel after users scroll down a specific value: after visitor scroll your site a specific value (by percentage) the lucky wheel pop-up will appear.
    Show wheel when users move the mouse over the top to close the browser: display the lucky wheel when the visitor is going to leave your site.
    Random one of these above: random one of 4 options above to display the lucky wheel pop-up.
  3. The initial delay time for the lucky wheel pop-up to appear.
  4. The lucky wheel pop-up will appear when the user scrolls his/her mouse amount out of the page.
  5. Hide the pop-up icon.
  6. Display the lucky wheel pop-up after this time when customers refuse to spin it.
  7. After a successful spin, the wheel will be hidden in this selected time.
  8. Select where will the wheel appear using WordPress conditional tags, you can learn more about WP conditional tag


  1. Upload a background image.
  2. Or pick a background color.
  3. Select a background effect. There are 7 options for you to select.
  4. Pick a color for the wheel text. The color of the wheel label.
  5. Type in your wheel description text. This is an HTML form.
  6. The Spin button text.
  7. The color of the Spin button text.
  8. The spin button background color.
  9. Display the option to allow customers to avoid the wheel forever.
  10. Select the font for the front-end style.
  11. Display GDPR check box.
  12. Type in your GDPR message.
  13. Add Custom CSS code to change the front-end style.

Custom Field

The Custom Field tab allows you to configure which fields will appear on front-end. The email field is required, this is a must, so the email name settings does not appear here. But you can choose to display the name and the telephone fields or not.

  1. Enable/Disable the name field.
  2. Enable/Disable the name field on mobile.
  3. Select if the name field is required.
  4. Enable/Disable the mobile field.
  5. Enable/Disable the mobile field on mobile.
  6. Select if the mobile field is required.

Wheel Settings

  1. Select pointer position, there are 5 options top, right, center bottom and random of above options for you to choose.
  2. Pick the pointer color.
  3. Upload a wheel center image, it usually is your website logo.
  4. Select the wheel center color.
  5. Select the wheel border color.
  6. Select the wheel border dot color.
  7. Select if you want to display the currency symbol ($) or currency code (USD) on the wheel.
  8. Select the spinning duration. It can be set from 3 seconds to 15 seconds.
  9. This option allows you to choose the front-end size of the lucky wheel. You can choose to display full wheel or half on front-end.
  10. Select the wheel label text size.
  11. Select the wheel size.
  12. The coupon type, there are 6 coupon types you can select
    Non: the visitor wins nothing.
    Existing coupon: choose an existing coupon to give.
    Percentage discount: the plugin will generate a coupon with your select value to give.
    Fixed product discount: discount a specific amount on a product price.
    Fixed cart discount: discount a specific amount on cart total.
    Custom: give a custom price to customers. Anything you want to give.
  13. Set up coupon labels, you can use the shortcode {coupon_amount} to display the coupon value in labels.
  14. The coupon values. With existing coupon type, you can search for coupons here. With generated coupon type, you can put the coupon value here.
  15. Probability: set up the winning probability of each slide by percentage, the probability total must be 100%.
  16. Select the slide background color of each slide.
  17. Select the text color of each wheel slide.
  18. Auto color: set up slide color automatically.
  19. Preview: preview the wheel front-end design in your back end.

Inform Result


Select a time to automatically hide the lucky wheel after a successful spin

  1. Automatically hide wheel after finishing spinning: After a successful spin, the lucky wheel pop-up will automatically close after this time.
  2. Email subject: the subject of the email the plugin send to customers when they win a prize.
  3. Email heading: the heading of the email the plugin send to customers when they win a prize.
  4. Email content: the content of the email the plugin send to customers when they win a prize. You can use shortcodes to display information about
  5. Suggested products: select some product to display as suggested products at the end of the coupon email.
  6. Button “Shop now” title: the text of the shop now button in the congratulation email.
  7. Button “Shop now” URL: the URL of the “Shop Now” button.
  8. Button “Shop now” color: pick a color for the shop now button text.
  9. Button “Shop now” background color: pick a color for the shop now button background.
  10. Button “Shop now” font size(px): select the text font size of Shop Now button.
  11. Frontend Message if win: set up the front-end message when customers win some prize. You can use shortcodes to display coupon label, check out page link, customer name, customer email and coupon code in this message.
  12. Winning effect: select an effect to display when customers win a prize, there is one effect “firework” now.
  13. Frontend message if lost: configure the frontend message when customers hit the non-prize slide.

Unique Coupon

In this tab, you can configure settings of the unique coupons the plugin generate and send to customers.

  1. Allow free shipping: choose if the coupon grand free shipping.
  2. Time to live: generated coupon will be expired after this time.
  3. Minimum spend: the minimum spend amount that can use generated coupons.
  4. Maximum spend: the maximum spend amount that can use generated coupons.
  5. Individual use only: choose if generated coupons can be used with other coupons.
  6. Exclude sale items: choose if generated coupons can be used with sale items.
  7. Products that the coupon will be applied to: choose some specific items that generated coupon can be applied.
  8. Usage limit per coupon: choose how many times this coupon can be used before it is void.
  9. Limit usage to X items: choose the maximum number of individual items this coupon can apply to when using product discount.
  10. Usage limit per user: choose how many times this coupon can be used by an individual user.
  11. Coupon code prefix: choose a prefix text for generated coupons.

Email API


  1. Enable/Disable MailChimp API.
  2. Enter your MailChimp API key
  3. Select a MailChimp List, subscribing emails will be added to this list.
  4. Enable/Disable  Active Campaign API.
  5. Enter you Active Campaign API Key.
  6. Enter your Active Campaign API URL.
  7. Select an Active Campaign list, subscribing emails will be added to this list.
  8. Enable/Disable SendGrid API.
  9. Enter your SendGrid API Key.
  10. Select a SendGrid list, subscribing emails will be added to this list.


Enter you Envato purchase code to enable the auto-update option.

Extra Information

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