WooCommerce Abandoned Cart Recovery

What is WooCommerce Abandoned Cart Recovery?

WooCommerce Abandoned Cart Recovery is a WooCommerce extension which helps you to recovery unfinished order in your store.  When a customer adds a product to the cart but does not complete check out. After a scheduled time, the cart will be marked as “abandoned”. The plugin will start to send emails or facebook message to the customer, remind him/her to complete the order.

Go to Dashboard/ Plugins/ Add New to install the plugin.

Install and set up guiding video

Send Recovery Emails

To use the Send Recovery Emails feature, you need to configure recovery email templates.

Go to Dashboard/ WC Abandoned Cart/ Email Templates and configure your email templates.

Then go to Dashboard/ WC Abandoned Cart/ Settings/ Email Pop-up to enable the request email pop-up.

And finally, go to the General tab to enable cart tracking and the send email address option.


Send Facebook message

With the cart tracking option is enabled in the previous step. You just need to enable the Send Facebook message option to send messages.

After fill in App ID and Secret, you will be able to edit the FB messages.


General Settings

In the General tab, you can configure the cart tracking option

  1. Tracking Member’s Cart: enable this option to track abandoned cart of logged in users.
  2. Abandoned Cart time for Members: the time from when a logged in user adds a product to cart till when the cart is marked as abandoned.
  3. Tracking Guest’s Cart: enable this option to track abandoned cart of guests.
  4. Abandoned Cart time for Guest: the time from when a guest adds a product to cart till when the cart is marked as abandoned.
  5. Delete abandoned records: abandoned cart records will be deleted after this scheduled time.
  6. Exclude people: select users who their cart will not be tracked.
  7. Cart log: record add to cart action, remove products from cart action.

Facebook Message Settings

In the Facebook message tab, you can set up the plugin to send recovery cart message to customers Facebook message.

  1. App ID and App secret: to use the option send FB message to customers, you need to register a Facebook app. Each app has an ID and Secret, fill yours here.
  2. Language: select the language of the “send to facebook” notice on front-end.
  3. App URLs: the URL you need to fill in when registering your Facebook app.
  4. Active page: select a page which will send the recovery message to customers.
  5. Send to message rule: you can send multiple messages to customers. Configure how many messages you want to send, the text of each one and schedule time here.
  6. Log out Facebook
  7. Test mode: the plugin will automatically send a reply message. This can be useful when you register your Facebook app.

Request Email Pop-up

Go to Email pop-up tab to configure the request email pop-up feature.

The request email pop-up will appear when a customer adds products to cart for the first time. The pop-up will requires an email to complete this action. The pop-up will appear one time only, after that customers can add to cart normally.

  1. Appear on: select page where you want to pop-up to appear.
  2. Email required: customers cannot add products to cart without an email. If you disable this option, customer can skip the pop-up but still can add products to the cart.
  3. Dismiss time: if customers skip the pop-up, it will reappear after this scheduled time.
  4. Redirect after Add to cart: after adding a product to cart, choose if you want to redirect them to cart or check out page.
  5. Template: the plugin provides 2 pop-up templates by default.
  6. Title: Configure the front-end text on the pop-up.
  7. Design: Configure the design of the pop-up by selecting colors here.

Send Recovery Emails

Back to the General tab, to set up emails which you will send to customers.

  1. Send mail reminder to members: choose if you want to send recovery emails to logged in users.
  2. Send mail reminder to guest: choose if you want to send recovery emails to guests.
  3. Reply Emails to: the reply-to email address, if customer reply to the recovery email, the reply email will come to this address.
  4. Send mail rules: set up the email templates and time to send.
  5. Notification to Admin: enable this option to send an email to admin whenever a cart is recovered.
  6. Cron job: this option necessary to schedule email and facebook message.

Email Templates

Go to WC Abandoned Cart/ Email Templates to edit your recovery email templates. You can Add New/ Edit/ Delete recovery email templates here.

Click on a template to edit it.

  1. The template name
  2. Email elements, you can drag and drop it into the email content.
  3. Edit the email template content here.
  4. Enable this option if you want to send a coupon along with emails. You can choose to send an existing coupon or let the plugin generate coupons with given values.

Abandoned Table

In WC Abandoned Cart/ Abandoned Table, you can check the list of abandoned carts.

  1. Date: the time when the customer had an action with the cart: add product, change quantity…
  2. Customer: the customer contact information username, email.
  3. Cart Detail: the cart total and items. Click on the View button to see the item name and quantity.
  4. Status: the cart status abandoned or recovered.
  5. Reminder logs: see the email and FB message which sent to customers.
  6. From: the IP, country and browser of the customer.


The plugin provides 4 types of report for you to check the abandoned cart.



Extra Information

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