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Created: 30/06/2016
Latest update: 25/11/2017
By: VillaTheme
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System Requires:

Make sure that those limits to a minimum as follows in order for free-trouble while installing:

  • WordPress 4.6 or higher
  • max_execution_time 60
  • memory_limit 125M
  • post_max_size 64M
  • upload_max_filesize 64M

Download Plugin:

Go to Plugin/Add New/Upload Plugin/Choose file/ select the file/click “Install Now”/click “Active plugin”.

Done! Let’s start using the plugin.

What is eCommerce Notification?

For an e-Commerce website or store only, how to increase traffic to a product of shop page, how to stimulate the curiosity of customers about special products then up sales? The question for admin site is how a website automatic to notify about new, hot, best sale or trending products for visitors in order to pay more attention?

eCommerce Notification is a powerful plugin, allowing:

– Put command to highlight the notification to visitors about whatever products as admin site desires.

– Display relevant data about some products to the visitors automatically in front-end. Ex: someone, somewhere, purchases what product, outstanding features of products, preferred or not …


– Show Notify from specific pages.

– Works on mobile! Choose how your notifications are displayed on mobile, or turn them off for mobile devices.

– Custom message purchased.

– Up sales with special products.

– Show random product for each customer.

– Auto detects real address with ipFind API.

– ipFind auth key.

– Make virtual address of customer and name.

– Set Virtual Time to auto gets random.

– Detect show only current product when customers in product detail page.

– Unlimited colors of highlight, text, background.

– Available 4 styles position to show notification.

– Available 2 image positions.

– Sound effect when show notification.

– Set time to display notification, delay time to wait from showing, loop time.

– Save Logs.

– See users interact with your notifications in real time.

– Use ajax to load.

– Easy to use.

– Setting in product detail.


Preview eCommerce Notification plugin:

How does it work




Enable: Enable/Disable eCommerce notification plugin on desktop.

Mobile: Enable/Disable eCommerce notification on mobile and responsive devices.


Go to Dashboard/eCommerce Notification/Design to design the notification pop-up

Message purchased: Content showed in the notification. Use some available shortcodes to add in this form.

Example: {first_name} in {city}, {country} purchased {product} with {product_with_link} {time_ago}.

Highlight color: pick a color for to the product name.

Text color: pick a color for text in the content of notifications.

Background color: pick a color for the background of notification.

Image Position: select position for featured image of notifications. It can be shown on the left or on the right of notification.

Position: there are 4 positions to show form notification in front-end. Turn on one position.

Show Close Icon: show icon to close notification in order to visitors can close form in front-end. If you don’t show close icon, notifications will be displayed until the end of display time.

Message display effect: Set appear effect for notification pop up.

Message hidden effect: Set disappear effect for notification pop up.


Select Post Type: select a post type from your WordPress site to display on notifications.

Select Items: select specific items of above post type to show on the notification.

Virtual First Name: Enter your virtual customer first names. Each first virtual name on a line.

Virtual Time: setting the virtual time that how long ago a virtual someone purchased the specific product. The purchase time will be picked randomly between this time threshold.

Address: you can use auto detect address or make the virtual address of the customer.

  • For selecting “auto detect address“, you need to fill in “auth key”, you can get at If you do not fill in your auth key, the system will enter the default value. We recommended to sign up and enter your key. The address will be displayed as customer address.
  • For selecting “virtual address“, you need to configure Virtual City and Country. You can enter many different cities but only one country. Then the system will automatic to show randomly virtual first names and virtual cities in notification form.

Product image size: You can select product image size on notifications.

Cache: When turning on, The virtual names, cities will be saved in the cookie in the client browser. Your site is load faster.

Product detail

Run single product: When the customer in product detail page, notification will show current product instead of selection products.


Loop: When turning on loop, notifications will be repeated on a page even though visitors do not reload the page.

Next time display: Time to show your notification next time.

Notification per page: Quantity notifications on a page.

Initial time random: Time initial delay will get random from Minimum initial delay time to Initial delay

Initial delay: delay time to show notification after loading site completely.

Display time: time to show a notification



If enable sound, you can choose an available audio by clicking the arrow drop-down, so that the notification will be appeared along with an audio in front-end. There are 3 sounds to be selected.


Custom: the custom message, you can use shortcode custom to display this custom message on Design Tab.

{number} this shortcode will get a random number between Min Number and Max Number



Homepage: Turn on this option to hide notification on Homepage

Conditional Tags: to specify which pages to show notification. You can use the Page’s ID, Title or Slug.
is_page( array(‘About’, ‘Contact’, 50, 75) )


If you enable Save Logs, then Logs will be saved at directory placed ecommerce notification plugin: wp-content\cache\ecommerce -notification\caches\ in time.

History time: is time to save logs.

Save logs helps system stores information when visitors click on the notification. Then admin site could be the statistic of number clicks and analysis fluctuation sales. Report system allows to statistic number clicks by date or by product.



Enter your Envato purchase code to use the auto-update feature.

How to use

After installing and activating the plugin, you need to configure to show notification:

1. Turn it on:

Go to Dashboard/eCommerce Notification/General tab/Turn on plugin either on desktop or mobile of both of them


2. Select your items

click “Save” to get the changes.

Extra Information

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