WooCommerce Customer Coupons

Created: 07/2019

Latest updated: 09/2021 – Updated version: 1.1.5

By: VillaTheme

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What is WooCommerce Customer Coupons?

WooCommerce Customer Coupons displays available coupons on product, cart, checkout page. Inform which coupons are available to use. And make it easier for customers to use coupons.



  • Coupon label: display coupon label on product, cart, check out page.
  • Enable/Disable: select if a coupon will be displayed.
  • Title: enter the title of the coupon label. By default, the title will be the coupon value.
  • Show on: schedule a time to show a coupon to customers.
  • Term: display term of use on coupon labels.
  • Preview: preview the coupon label in your backend.
  • APPLY COUPON button: display an apply coupon button on coupon labels. Make it is easier to use coupons.


  • Coupon list: manage coupon in backend with a coupon list. The coupon list provides code, type, amount, description,
  • Sort coupon by allowed categories:


  • 4 front-end templates to choose from.
  • Background color.
  • Background gradient color.
  • Title color.
  • Expired date color.
  • Term of use color.
  • APPLY COUPON button text color.
  • APPLY COUPON button background color.
  • Position: select a position to display the coupon label on single product page. There are 6 positions for you to choose from.


Send an email when the email address is allowed to use a coupon.



  1. WordPress 5.0+
  2. PHP 7.0+
  3. WooCommerce 7.0+


Go to Plugin/ Add New/ Upload Plugin/ Choose file/ select plugin installable file /Install Now/ Active Plugin


After successful install the plugin. Go to Dashboard/ WooCommerce/ Customer Coupons/ Options to change the front-end design of coupon labels.

Then go to WooCommerce/ Coupons to enable coupon you want to show on front-end.

The coupon has been shown on product, cart and checkout page.


Coupon List

The coupon list option helps you to manage your coupons

  1. Filter by Category: help you to find coupons which are available for a specific product category.
  2. Coupon Code: a list of coupon codes.
  3. Enable: check if a coupon has been displayed on coupon label or not.
  4. Title: titles of coupon label. Usually, be the coupon’s value.
  5. Terms: the term of use of coupons.
  6. Description: the coupon description list.
  7. Product: products which allowed to use the coupon.
  8. Product Category: categories which allowed to use the coupon.
  9. Start date: the date when the plugin starts to display the coupon on front-end.


  1. Templates: select a front-end template. There are 4 templates for you to choose from.
  2. Background color
  3. Gradient color: pick 2 colors to create a gradient background.
  4. Title color
  5. The term of use text color.
  6. The expired date color.
  7. The APPLY COUPON button background color.
  8. The APPLY COUPON text color.
  9. Select a position to display the coupon label on product pages.
  10. Email: send a notification email when an email address is allowed to use a coupon. You can change the email subject. The email content is the coupon code.

Coupon Label

Go to Dashboard/ WooCommerce/ Coupon/ Select a coupon and click on Customer Coupon to configure its coupon label.

  1. Enable: select if this coupon will be displayed on front-end.
  2. Title: enter the title of the coupon label. By default, it is the coupon value.
  3. Terms: enter the term of use of the coupon.
  4. Show on: select a date, the coupon will be shown from this date.


Extra Information

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