WooCommerce Custom Email Blocks

Created: 31/12/2018
Latest update: 28/02/2018
By: VillaTheme
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 What is WooCommerce Custom Email Blocks?

WooCommerce Custom Email Blocks is a plugin that helps you to customize the emails sent by WooCommerce by using Gutenberg editor. You can create multiple email templates and using “email rules” to send to different types of customer.


  • Manage Email Templates
    There are 11 types of WooCommerce emails: canceled order, completed order, customer invoice, customer note, failed order, new account, order on-hold, processing order, refunded order, reset password. WooCommerce email customizer helps you to manage and create multiple templates for each WooCommerce email type.
  • Edit Email Templates
    Using Gutenberg editor to edit your email templates. The WooCommerce email customizer plugin provides 7 types of blocks for you to design emails.
  • Sending Rule
    When you have multiple active templates of an email type. You can set up rules to send different emails to different customer. The sending rules are base on billing country, product categories and priority number.

System Requires:

  • System minimum requirements: WordPress 5.0 or higher.
  • Gutenberg installed.
  • WooCommerce 3.2 or higher.

Go to Plugin/Add New /Upload Plugin/Choose file/ select plugin zip file woocommerce-email-customizer.zip/ Install Now/Active Plugin

After a successful installing the plugin. Go to Dashboard/ WC Emails/ All Templates to edit templates of WooCommerce emails.

There are 12 types of WooCommerce emails:

  1. Cancelled order
  2. Completed order
  3. Customer invoice / Order details
  4. Customer note
  5. Failed order
  6. New account
  7. New order
  8. Order on-hold
  9. Processing order
  10. Refunded order
  11. Reset password

With each email type, you can have many templates.

Click on a template to edit its content and set up its rule.

Email Templates

Go to Dashboard/ WC Emails/ All Emails to control your WooCommerce email templates.

There are 11 default templates here. You can add new/ remove activate/deactivate templates.

  1. Add New: click on the Add New button to add a new email template.
  2. Subject: the email subject of each template.
  3. Categories: this is the type of the email, you can have many email templates in a type.
  4. Date: the last modified time.
  5. Active: you can choose to activate/deactivate a template. Deactivated templates emails will not be sent.
  6. Mail to: who the email template will be sent to (admin or customer)
  7. Priority: when there are many templates fit “email rules”, the template with lower priority will be sent.
  8. Rules: the “email rules” of the templates. The email template will only be sent when it fits all these rules.
  9. Description: the description of each email, you can edit it the edit page of each template.




Edit Templates

Click on each template to go to the design page of that template.

  1. Email Subject: you can edit the subject of the email template here. Shortcodes are available for you to put order information into your email subject.
  2. Email content: You can add/edit/remove email content in this area using Gutenberg editor.
  3. Categories: there are 11 categories for you to manage email templates. Similar to 11 types of WooCommerce email.
  4. Email rules: using billing country and product categories to control which email template will be applied. If there are more than 1 email template fit the rules, the template with a lower priority will be applied.
  5. Description: enter your description for each email template.
  6. Block: help you to design/edit block. With different blocks, you will help different edit options.

Extra Information

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