WooCommerce Coupon Box

Created: 09/2018
Latest updated: 11/2021 – Updated version: 2.0.6

By: VillaTheme

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Woo Coupon Box plugin is a powerful, professional solution to show WooCommerce coupon with Subscribe for WordPress websites. You can custom design unlimited with WordPress Customizer.

System Requires

It is recommended using

1. Plugin WooCommerce is installed and activated already.

2. Make sure that those limits to a minimum as follows in order for free-trouble while installing.

PHP Time Limit: 30
PHP Max Input Vars:  1000
Memory Limit:  256M

Download Plugin

Get the plugin installation package from your account download page and save it to your desktop.

Install & Active plugin

Go to PluginAdd NewUpload PluginChoose file/ select the plugin zip file woocommerce-coupon-box.zip/ click “Install Now“/ click “Active plugin“.

Video Install and Set up WooCommerce Coupon Box:

Done! Let’s start using the plugin.

To start using WooCommerce Coupon Box, please go to Dashboard/ Woo Coupon Box/ Settings

In Coupon Tab, set up the coupon type and amount you would like to give to subscribe and save.

Now the coupon box should appear on your homepage.


Go to Dashboard/ Woo Coupon Box/ Settings/ General to configure common settings of Woo Coupon Box.

  1. Enable: allow you to enable/disable the plugin.
  2. Disable for logged-in users: this option allows you to hide the pop-up from logged-in users. You have already had email addresses of those users.
  3. Enable multi language: this option allows you to display the coupon box in multiple languages. This option works with WPML and Polylang now. You need to use that plugin to translate the plugin before enabling this option.

You can see this video on how to show multilanguage for a coupon box with WPML:

  1. Ajax endpoint: select the AJAX endpoint. It should be AJAX in most sites.
  2. Pop-up trigger: decide which act will make the pop-up appear, there are 4 options for you to choose from.
    1. After initial time: The pop-up will automatically appear after a selected time. Example: with the following settings, the coupon box will appear after a random time between 3 and 10 seconds.

    2.When users scroll: The pop-up will appear after users scroll the page an amount of the page height.

    3.When users are about to exit: the pop-up will appear when visitors hover their mouse on the close button of browsers.

    4.Random one of these above: The plugin will get randomly one trigger.
  3. When visitors close coupon box without subscribing: Select how will the coupon box work if visitors close the pop-up without subscribing. There are 2 option for you to choose from
    1. Hide the coupon box pop-up
    2. Minimize the pop-up to the top bar/ bottom bar.

    The coupon box bar on front-end
  4. Subscription reminder if not subscribe: schedule a time for the pop-up to reappear when visitors close the pop-up without subscribing to their emails.
  5. Subscription reminder if subscribe: schedule a time for the pop-up to appear again if visitors have already subscribed to their email.
  6. Email campaigns: Select an email campaign where you would like to save the emails. We will talk more about the emails campaign in the next chapters of this guide.


In Coupon tab, you can set up coupons you will send to visitors who subscribe emails in Woo Coupon Box.

  1. Unique coupon: with this option, the plugin will generate unique coupons for each email subscribed. The coupons will have type, value, and settings as you set it up. Check our WooCommerce Tutorial about coupons to learn more about WooCommerce coupon.
  2. Existing coupon: Select existing coupon to send to customers when their subscribe emails. You can create coupon at WooCommerce/ Coupons
    1. Make the coupon only available with subscribe emails. Customers can not share the coupon code for other emails address.
    2. Select a coupon code to send to customers.
  3. Custom: This option allows you to send a custom code to email subscribers.
  4. Do not use coupon: with this option, you will not send coupons to subscribers. Just a thank you message when they subscribe emails.


In the Email tab, you can configure the email will send to subscribers after they subscribe emails.

1. Enable: To send an email when a customer subscribes on our site with WooCommerce Coupon Box.

2. Email template: Choose available email templates to send different emails for each prize, please use WooCommerce Email Template Customizer or Email Template Customizer for WooCommerce to create and customize your own email template.



If there is no template chosen, default template will be sent out.

1. Fill in your email subject.

2. Fill in the email heading.

3. Set up the email content, you can use shortcodes here.
{coupon_value} – The value of the coupon, can be percentage or currency amount depending on coupon type
{coupon_code} – The code of coupon that will be sent to your subscribers
{date_expires} – From the date that given coupon will no longer be available
{last_valid_date} – That last day that coupon is valid
{site_title} – The title of your website
{shop_now} – The shop now button

4. The shop now button text. Change it as you need, “USE COUPON NOW” maybe

5. The shop now URL, it can be the shop URL.

6. 7. 8. Design the shop now button in emails with text color, font size, and background color.

Email API

In Email API tab, you can sync subscribing emails to your MailChimp, Active Campaign, SendGrid account.

1. Enable/Disable MailChimp API.

2. Enable Mailchimp double option to send email to each subscriber to confirm that they subscribe to your list successfully

3. Mailchimp API Key: You need to enter the Mailchimp API key to make it work. Click on the “here” to direct to the page you can create an API key on your Mailchimp account. Copy the API key to the “Mailchimp API Key” box in Woo Coupon Box Setting. Then, Click on Save button.

4. Choose the Mailchimp list you want to work with Woo Coupon Box and save it again.

5. Enable/Disable  Active Campaign API.

6 and 7: Sign in your Active campaign account, Go to settings/Dashboard/ Developer/ Copy the URL and Key to the Active Campaign API key and Active Campaign API URL boxes in the Woo Coupon Box Settings then click on save button.

8. Choose the active campaign list you want to work with Woo Coupon Box.

9.Enable/Disable SendGrid API.

10. Log in your SendGrid Account, go to settings/API keys/ Create an API Key then copy the key which have just been created to the SendGrid API Key box in the Woo Coupon Box  Enter your SendGrid API Key then click on save button,

11. Select a SendGrid list, subscribing emails will be added to this list.

Google reCAPTCHA

This setting helps you protect your website from spam and abuse.

Google reCAPCHA

ReCaptcha 2: “I’m not a robot” Checkbox. This requires the user to click a checkbox indicating the user is not a robot. This will either pass the user immediately (with No CAPTCHA) or challenge them to validate whether or not they are human. This is the simplest option to integrate with and only requires two lines of HTML to render the checkbox.

ReCaptcha 3: reCAPTCHA v3 allows you to verify if an interaction is legitimate without any user interaction. It is a pure JavaScript API returning a score, giving you the ability to take action in the context of your site: for instance requiring additional factors of authentication, sending a post to moderation, or throttling bots that may be scraping content.


In the Assign tab, you can select which page where will the Coupon Box pop-up appear.

  1. Home Page: turn on this option, the pop-up will only appear on your homepage/front-page
  2. Assign Page: using WordPress conditional tags to configure which page where the Coupon Box pop-up will appear.


In Update tab, fill in your Envato purchase code to active the auto-update feature.


In the Design tab, click on Go to design now to go the Design page of WooCommerce Coupon Box.

In the Design page

  1. Layout: select a layout for the pop-up. There are 4 built-in layouts for you to choose from.
  2. General: on this page, you can set up the pop-up before subscribe and after subscribe with options for:
    Show coupon after subscribing.
    Front-end messages.
    GDPR checkbox and message.
    Background effect.
  3. Button Close: Configure the close button with icons, color, background color, position.
  4. Header: design the pop-up header with font, title, color, background color/image.
  5. Body: design the pop-up body with font, title, color, background color/image.
  6. Social Media: select social network icons and add it to your Coupon Box pop-up.
  7. Button Subscribe & Email Field: design the subscribe button with options for title, text color, and background color. And the email field with Emai Input Rounded Corner, Email Input Text Color, Email Input Background Color.
  8. Pop-up Icons: this option will display a small icon after closing the pop-up, allows users to call out the pop-up again.
  9. Custom Input fields: this option allows you to add more information field to the pop-up. The available custom fields are first name, last name, mobile, birthday, gender. You can choose which field is required.
  10. Custom CSS: add your own custom CSS code to design the front-end of the Coupon Box pop-up.


You can use a shortcode [wcb_widget always_visible=1 show_coupon_code=1] to display subscription form everywhere.




Email Subscribe and Email Campaign

In Woo Coupon Box/ Email Subscribe, you can check subscribed emails with information for the email address, subscribing time, email campaign, given coupon, MailChimp list and Active Campaign list.

In Woo Coupon Box/ Email Campaign, you can create new/delete/edit email campaign. By default, you will have an Uncategorized campaign


Export emails

In Woo Coupon Box/ Export Email, you can export emails by date or by campaigns. Emails addresses will be exported as an excel file.

Extra Information

Thank you for your attention!

If you have any question, please create a topic at our FORUM, we will support within 24 hours.