ChinaDS Taobao Dropshipping for WooCommerce

Created: 05/2022

Last updated: 5/2022 – Updated version: 1.0.0

By: VillaTheme

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Nowadays, dropshipping is likely common throughout the world, and many shop owners intend to transition from traditional to online business. This transformation is expected to bring potential benefits and ongoing growth in the coming years.

You would be concerned about how to import products, manage products (Price, quantity, product information, reviews,…), and order fulfillment, ship orders… These concerns will be addressed by dropshipping tools.

ChinaDS Taobao Dropshipping for WooCommerce is a fantastic tool for getting started with dropshipping on  With just some simple steps, you can connect Taobao page and WooCommerce store using the extension. The plugin literally masters importing products from to WooCommerce, allowing you to save a significant amount of time migrating product data from Taobao to WooCommerce and earn money from online businesses through dropshipping.


Key features:

  • Import products from Taobao to WooCommerce.
  • Global product rules to customize massive products.
  • Customize bulk actions for individual products, a group of products.
  • Global product price rules to make up massive Taobao’s product price, increase in either multiple, percentage or by a fixed amount. The exchange rate function to convert the Chinese currency (CNY) into your country’s currency.
  • Translate the language on the Taobao page into your local language.
  • Product overriding and mapping existing Woo Product.



















System Requires:

Make sure that those limits to a minimum as follows in order for free-trouble while installing:

  • WordPress 5.0.x or higher
  • Woocommerce 5.0.x 
  • max_execution_time 60
  • memory_limit 125M
  • post_max_size 64M
  • upload_max_filesize 64M

Download Plugin:

Go to Plugin/Add New/Upload Plugin/Choose file/ select plugin zip file chinads-taobao-dropshipping-for-woocommerce/click “Install Now“/click “Active plugin“.





After successfully installing the plugin, follow the following steps to install the plugin extension, import products, customize the imported products and publicize on the WooCommerce store.

Step 1: Install the extension.

  • You need to download the plugin extension, click here to download, then unzip the file.
  • At the right top of the Chrome browser, click More tools > Extensions.
  • Load unpacked extension file.
  • Now go to to connect WooCommerce and Taobao through the extension, add your domain and click on the Need authorizing button. Once it notices a green authorized status, which means the connection is successful.


Step 2: Import Taobao’s products.

Afer connecting Taobao and WooCommerce successfully, now you are ready to import Taobao’s products to WooCommerce store. On, go to any categories you want, click on each item and import it on the single product page.

On Taobao’s page

To WooCommerce plugin’s backend


Step 3: Configue product settings.

Configure global product rules (options and default values) to customize massive products.

Options Convert to global attributes
Import as simple product
Import description images
default select product images
Background process
Product variation is visible on product page
Manage stock
Default values Product status
Catalog visibility
Product description
Default categories
Default product tags
Default shipping class
Language translation Support converting to the site’s language.


Step 4: Configure product price

Configure global product price rules to customize massive products.

  • Exchange rate: Convert the currency from CNY (¥) to your country’s currency. By default, the currency unit on Taobao is CNY (¥), if you country’s currency is USD, so the exchange rate should be entered:  0.15021104.
  • Price rules: Set price ranges and respective actions: Increase by percentage (%), Fixed amount, Multiply with, or set to. The input price will go through the price rules first, then the exchange rate rule.

For example: Product price on Taobao: ¥30, convert to your country’s currency ($)

Input price ¥30
Price rule: ¥0 – ¥100 increase 200% ¥30 + ¥30 x 200% = ¥90
Exchange rate: 0.15021104 ¥90 x 0.15021104 = $13.52


Step 5: Manage product data in the Import list 

All the product data after running through the global rules will be stored in the Import list where the shop owner will manage to edit, customize product data, and decide to remove, import the products to WooCommerce.


Step 6: Manage products in the Imported 

After all customizations of the product data in the import list, the products will be imported to WooCommerce and also display in the Imported where you can quickly observe taobao’s products that imported into WooCommerce , and do product overriding, and update products if necessary.



See this video for how to create a Taobao account if you haven’t any.


See this video for how to use ChinaDS – full instruction.




A. General settings.

In the Configure global product rules (options and default values) to customize massive products.

* These rules will be applied in the Import list section before migrating into your WooCommerce store.

Options Convert to global attributes
Import as a simple product
Import description images
Default select product images
Background process
Product variation is visible on the product page
Manage stock
Default values Product status
Catalog visibility
Product description
Default categories
Default product tags
Default shipping class
Language translation Support converting to the site’s language.


Go to ChinaDS > Product.


1. Product status: Choose a default status of the imported product after they are imported to WooCommerce. The product status of the imported products can be automatically set: Publish, Pending or Draft.

2. Use global attributes: By default, the variations of variable products imported from Taobao are custom attribute. If you want to convert these variations to global attributes, enable the Convert to global attributes option.

3. Import as simple product: If a product just has one variation or you select one variation to import, that product will be imported as a simple product. Variation SKU and attributes will not be used.

4. Catalog visibility: This setting determines which shop pages products will be listed on. It can be:

  • Shop and search results
  • Shop only
  • Search results only
  • Hidden

5. Product description: Select to display product description and/or item specifics or not show this info in the imported product. Selection can be:

  • None: there won’t display the product description on imported products
  • Item specifics: display the item specifics on imported products
  • Product description: display the product description on imported products
  • Item specifics & Product description: display both the item specifics and Product description on imported products

6. Import description images: Enable this option to allow importing images in the product description if they are available.

7. Default select product images: Enable it, the First image will be selected as the product image and other images (except images from the product description) are selected in the gallery when adding the product to the import list.

8. Disable background process: When importing products, instead of letting their images download in the background, the main product image will be downloaded directly, gallery and variation images (if any) will be added to Failed images pages so that you can go there to download them manually.

9. Default categories: Fill in the category titles, imported products will be added to these categories.

10. Default product tags: Fill in the tag titles, imported products will be added to these tags.

11. Default shipping class: The shipping class chose here will also be selected by default in the Import list.

12. Product variations is visible on product page: Enable to make variations of imported products visible on the product page

13. Manage stock: Enable to manage stock and import product inventory. if you disable this option, the product stock status will be set “Instock” and product inventory will not be imported.

14. Languague for translate: Support converting to the site’s language, just choose your site’s language in the list.

Makeup Price

From the Dashboard, go to ChinaDS / Product Price

1. Exchange rate.

Taobao’s product price are defined in CNY (¥), if you want to convert to your country currency or another currency, let configure in the exchange rate.

For example: Your site’s currency is USD, the product price is ¥100, the exchange rate is 1 CNY= 0.15021104 USD, so the output price  = 100 x 0.15021104 = $15.02

2. Price range: In this field, you will set as many price ranges as you want. The original price falls in which price range, it will be applied by the price rule of that range swept from the top to bottom range.

3. Action: An action to customize price respectively for the price range. They can be:

  • Increase by a fixed amount: Add a fixed price to imported product price.
  • Increase by percentage (%): Add an amount to the imported product price in percentage.
  • Set to: Set a fixed price for imported products.
  • Multiply with: Multiply directly with a value.

4. Sale price: Set a rule for sale price. Note: Set -1 if there is no sale price

5. Regular price: Set a rule for regular price.

6. Remove latest level: Click to remove a rule

7. Add: Click to add a rule

Product Overriding

A. Product Overriding settings.

This tab settings help you to set rules for overridden products.

1. Keep Woo product: Instead of deleting an old product to create a new one, it will update the overridden old product’s prices/stock/attributes/variations based on the new data. This way, data such as reviews, metadata… will not be lost.

2. Override title: Enable if you want automatically set to replace the title of the overridden product with the new product’s title

3. Override image: Enable if you want automatically set to replace images and gallery of overridden product with new product’s images and gallery

4. Override description: Enable if you want automatically set to replace the description of the overridden product with new product’s description and short description

5. Hide options: Do not show these options when overriding the product


B. Proceed overriding a product.

Go to Imported, search for the product which you want to override.

Step 1: Find and copy the URL of an alternative product on Taobao that you want to override by this product.

Step 2: Click on the Override button.

Step 3: A popup appears and you will add the product URL of that alternative product, and check.

Step 4: The overriding product will be imported to the Import list. There you will modify the product information as you want.

Step 5: Another popup appears asking you for some configurations.

  • Keep Woo product: Enable this option if you want to keep all informationaboutf the existing products except the requested information below.
  • Replace product title:The titlee of the replaced product will override the existing product’s.
  • Replace description and short description: Description anda  short description of the replaced product will override the existingproducts.
  • Replace product image and gallery:The image and gallery of the replaced product will override the existing products.
  • Save my choices and do not show these options again (You can still change this in the Product Overriding tab of this plugin setting): Save those above settings and will apply forthe  next replacement, or you can go to the  Product Overriding tab to change the settings.

Step 6: Another popup appears asking you to change the attributes of the overridden product.

Note: By selectinga  replacement, a  new variation will be created by modifyingthe  respective overridden variation. Overridden variations with no replacement selected will be deleted.

  • Overridden items: The Attributes of the existing product.
  • Found in unfulfilled orders: Indicate whether any existing order on WooCommerce included this attribute of the existing product.
  • Replacement: Select the attribute of the replaced product that you want to override the respective attribute of the existing product.

After importing the products and setting the general rules for all imported products, the imported products now are on the Import List which allows you to manage all imported products from on your Woo store.

Go to Dashboard/ Import List.


1. List of the imported products from Taobao.

2. Bulk editing products: Allows to interact with a range of selected products… Just select products applied bulk action, bulk action feature will be appeared.

Bulk action Feature includes:

  • Import all: Bulk import all products
  • Empty list: Bulk remove all products.
  • Set categories:

+ Add: Products will be added selected categories

+ Set: Products will be set with selected categories. Current categories of products will be replaced.

+ Clear selected: Remove current selected categories in selector. Leave selector empty and click Set to remove current categories of products.

  • Set tags: The functions are the same Set categories but for tags.

  • Set status – Public: Product status will be assigned Public.
  • Set status – Pending: Product status will be assigned Pending.
  • Set status – Draft: Product status will be assigned Draft.
  • Set visibility – Shop and search results.
  • Set visibility – Shop only.
  • Set visibility – Search results only.
  • Set visibility – Hidden.
  • Import selected: To import selected products.
  • Remove selected: To import selected products.


3. Search products and pagination: Search for a product on the import list, and redirect to product pages

4. Manage each individual product.  In the Import List, you can customize the data of each imported product before migrating them in WooCommerce.

4.1. Product: Customize Taobao product data.

  • Product title:  Name of the product
  • SKU: Product SKU or ID of Aliexpress product
  • Product status: Aliexpress product status on WooCommerce store: Public, Pending or Draft.
  • Catalog visibility: Select type of product visibility: Shop and search results; Shop only; Search result only.
  • Categories: Choose categories the Aliexpress product belong to.
  • Tags: Tag for the Aliexpress product on WooCommerce store.
  • Shipping class: Shipping class for the Taobao product on WooCommerce store.
  • Map existing Woo product: This product will replace for an existing woo product. Follow these step below:


4.2. Description: Customize Taobao product descriptions.

You can customize product descriptions before importing to WooCommerce store.


4.3. Attributes: Customize Taobao product attributes

You can edit attribute terms and remove attributes in this tab, just click on the Edit/Remove button and modify terms.

If remove attributes, you will be asked to set a default value for this attribute.


4.4. Variations: Customize Taobao product variations.

  • Number of product variations: You can select a or some, all variations to import.
  • Product variation images. You can select a or some, all product variation images to import.
  • Sku: Sku of variation products, it can be editable.
  • Variations of product, you can edit variation terms in Import list > Attributes
  • Cost: Display the original price of product on Taobao and the converted price of your currency country.
  • Display Sale price and Regular price of Taobao product on WooCommerce store. These prices are calculated after applying rules in the Product price tab.

4.5. Gallery: observe and select images to import media library.


5. Import/remove, translate products and view Taobao product

  • Translate products
  • View on Taobao
  • Remove
  • Import


This section allows to quickly observe Taobao products that are imported into WooCommerce products, and do product overriding products.

1. The imported products: Quickly observe Taobao products that are migrated into WooCommerce product, you can see product information includes:

+ Product title;

+ SKU;

+ Cost: The original price on Taobao;

+ WooCommerce price: The converted price on WooCommerce by the Exchange rate and product price rules

2. View on Taobao: Access this product on

3. View product: Go to this product on store frontend.

4. Edit product: Move to this product on your WooCommerce in detail.

5. Delete: Delete the product on the imported list, and an option to remove it on WooCommerce product list.

6. Override: Override an alternative product for the initial one. You can go to the Product Overriding tab to set rules for overridden products.

    • Step 1: Find and copy URL of an alternative product on Taobao that you want to override with this product.
    • Step 2: Click on Override button.
    • Step 3: Now the overriding product will appear in the Import List, ready for you to customize its information.
    • Step 4: After customizing the information,  click on the Import & Override button. Another popup appears asking you to remain or replace some product information.

    • Step 5: After that, click on the override button. Now the overriding product is imported to WooCommerce, you can go to Imported or WooCommerce product and edit it the same as other WooCommerce products.


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