Woocommerce Product Builder

Created: 04/26/2017
Latest update: 04/26/2017
By: Villatheme
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What is the Woocommerce Product Builder ?

Woocommerce Product Builder is an essential plugin which helps build a full product set from small components as you want. Therefore, the powerful plugin will certainly bring your website a huge profit. With the friendly-for-users interface, Woocommerce Product Builder allows:

  • Choose the product for each category:  you can choose no matter how many products for each category
  • Filter products by attributes: WooCommerce product builder allow filtering attributes ( color, price, size and other features) of products. This will help you select your favourite products easily and quickly without searching for all products and considering their attributes.
  • Send completed products for your friends: After building a favorite set of products, you can send it to your friends right in the websites WITHOUT wasting time sreenshot or save image by image then sending to your friends.
  • Print chosen products page: WooCommerce Product builder also allow the function of printing your product page.
  • Add all chosen products to cart: With each loved product, customers can add to the cart by clicking on the icon next to the product.
  • Allow adding multiple posts for post type of WooCommerce Product Builder: You can add limitless posts.
  • Responsive post for post type. 
  • Unlimited tabs to configure products: Add the number of tabs comfortably.
  • Allow selecting products or categories for each tab: You can select products in the category or those which are not belong to any category.
  • Unlimited products or categories for each tab: With each certain category, you can add unbounded number of products.
  • 2 available positions to display the sidebar: You can change the position of the filter box and your chosen product list from right to left and in reverse order.
  • Adjust the  displayed buttons directly : Background color, text color.
  • Enable or disable filtered products: click enable, woocommerce product builder will automatically display the function of filtering with all attributes of products.
  • Directly adjust number of  displayed products on each page: You can change the number of product to display on each page
  • FAST: Thanks to Ajax technology, instead of wasting time loading the whole page,  choosing products won’t slow down your site (which affects your Google Ranking).
  • Easy to use and customize.
  •  Select multiple products in a step.
  •  Button of Clear all chosen list. 


System Requires:

Make sure that those limits to a minimum as follows in order for free-trouble while installing:

WordPress 4.2.x or higher (Recommeneded WordPress 4.5+).
Woocommerce 3.0.x .

Download Plugin:

Go to Plugin >> Add New >> Upload Plugin >> Choose file >> select file zip plugin >> click “Install Now” >> click “Active plugin”.

Done! Let’s start using plugin.

Preview How to Use WooCommerce Product Builder

After installing and activating plugin, you need create new post product builders:


Add new Product builders

  • Go to Dashboard >> Product Builders >> Add new >> Configure as you want >> click “Publish” to publish that post.

It’s already done, now you can see it in front-end:

Customer choose products

  • On each step, customer can only select up to 1 product. Filter product on each step.
  •  Display list chosen products.
  •  Allow remove product in list chosen.

Review page

  • Button Back: click here to come back product builder page.
  • Button Send Email: click here to show popup send email to customer friend.

  • Button Print: Print this page.
  • Button Add to cart: Add list chosen products to cart.

General setting

  • Enter title for your post


Product Configuration

  • Add unlimited tabs.
  • Choose your tab.
  • Select  type of products: Category or Product.
  • Click to choose your product for current tab.

Product per page

  • Enter a positive integer displaying the product on each tab (step).


  •  Select a position to display sidebar (list chosen product).


  • Pick a color for text of pagination button.
  • Pick a color for background color of pagination button.
  • Pick a color for text of button in review page.
  •  Pick a color for background color of button in review page.

Filter products

  •  Enable to display filter product on each tab (step).

Featured product

  • Enable to display filter product on each tab (step).

Featured image

  • Choose your featured image to display on your post.

Thank you for your attention! If you have any question, please create topic at FORUM, we will support within 24 hours.