Order Tracking for WooCommerce


Orders Tracking for WooCommerce plugin helps you add/import/edit orders tracking number and tracking URL of every item of every order.


  • Import tracking number: You can import tracking number from CSV file by order id and a list of tracking number for each order.
  • Add tracking number: In the edit order page, you can add/update tracking number and tracking URL.
  • Send notification email: Able to send email to your customers after importing or updating order tracking.
  • Edit email: You can change email subject, heading and content with some useful placeholders: {tracking_table}, {order_id}, {billing_first_name}, {billing_last_name}
  • Search for order: Enter tracking numbers to search for order.

Go to Plugins/Add New /Upload Plugin/Choose file/ select plugin file zip/ Install Now/Active Plugin

After installing the plugin, go to Dashboard/ Order Tracking for WooCommerce to set up the plugin.

You need to enter a default tracking URL, and set up the order tracking email what will be sent your customers.

Then go to WooCommerce/ Orders to add tracking code manually.

Go to Dashboard/ WooCommerce/ Import tracking code to bulk import tracking code using CSV files.

Sending email

The plugin will send an email with the order tracking information to customers, whenever a tracking code is added/edited in their orders.

  1. URL: the default tracking URL. Tracking URLs will be generated from this URL and tracking codes.
  2. Send email: select if you want to send email whenever a tracking code is added.
  3. Email subject: edit the subject of the order tracking information email.
  4. Email heading: edit the subject of the order tracking information email.
  5. Email content: edit the content of the order tracking information email. You can use shortcodes to display necessary information in the email.

Adding Tracking Code

There are 2 ways for you to add tracking code. Adding manually in WooCommerce orders and buck adding using CSV file.

Adding manually

Go to WooCommerce/ Orders to add tracking code to your order. Next to each product, you can click on the Edit Tracking Code button to enter a tracking code for that product.

After clicking on the button, a pop-up will appear. You can enter the tracking code on this pop-up.

  1. Tracking number: enter the tracking number of the product.
  2. Tracking URL: enter the tracking URL.
  3. By select this option, the tracking URL will be generate using the default URL. It will overwrite the option 2.
  4. Select if you want to send email to customers Notice them that a tracking code is added to their order.

Adding tracking code using CSV file

Go to WooCommerce/ Import tracking code to bulk adding using CSV files.

You need a CSV file with 2 columns order id and tracking number.

Search for Order

The plugin allows you to search for an order using a tracking code.

Go to WooCommerce/ Orders, there is a “Search tracking number”. Enter a tracking code and click “Filter”, the plugin will display the order which has the tracking number.

Extra Information

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