Order Tracking for WooCommerce


Orders Tracking for WooCommerce plugin helps you add/import/edit orders tracking number and tracking URL of every item of every order.


  • Import tracking number: You can import tracking number from CSV file by order id and a list of tracking number for each order.
  • Add tracking number: In the edit order page, you can add/update tracking number and tracking URL.
  • Send notification email: Able to send email to your customers after importing or updating order tracking.
  • Edit email: You can change email subject, heading and content with some useful placeholders: {tracking_table}, {order_id}, {billing_first_name}, {billing_last_name}
  • Search for order: Enter tracking numbers to search for order.

Go to Plugins/Add New /Upload Plugin/Choose file/ select plugin file zip/ Install Now/Active Plugin

After successful install Order Tracking for WooCommerce. Go to the plugin settings page to select the shipping carrier you want to use.

After selecting the shipping carrier, go to the Email tab to set up email information.

Then go to the PayPal tab if you want to automatically add tracking codes to PayPal transaction.

After setting up in the PayPal tab, go to the Tracking Service tab to enter your Tracking More information.

Now you able to add tracking code to your orders and your customers can track them on your website.

Shipping Carriers

In Shipping Carriers tab, you can select the shipping carriers you use on your site. The plugin will generate tracking links to the tracking page of the carriers.

  1. Filter: The filters help you to find your shipping carriers easier.
  2. Add Carrier: You can custom to add more carriers beyond the carrier list below.
  3. Find tracking carrier by name: This option allows you to find your carrier by entering its name.
  4. Select carriers: When you find your carriers, enable the blue switcher to enable it. The selected carriers will appear when you enter tracking code in orders.


The plugin will send an email to customers whenever a code is added to their orders. In the Email tab, you can set the up email content and sending time.

  1. Send email: Enable this option to send an email to customers whenever a tracking code is added to their orders.
  2. Email number send for one time: To avoid being marked as Spam, you can select the quantity of tracking emails will be sent at one time.
  3. Delay time send email: The delay time between email sending times.
  4. Email subject: Enter your tracking email subject.
  5. Email heading: Enter your tracking email heading.
  6. Email content: Type in the email content. You can use shortcodes to display necessary information.



The PayPal option helps you to automatically add tracking codes to PayPal transaction. This option requires a PayPal app, Client ID and password.

  1. Enable: Enable this option to automatically add tracking codes to your PayPal transactions.
  2. PayPal: Enter your Client ID and Client Secret of each app equally to the email that you installed in the PayPal payment (if you default PayPal payment)
  3. Save: Save your options.

Tracking Service

You can use Tracking More tracking service instead of using shipping carriers. The plugin will use Tracking More API to get shipping information. More tracking services will be added in the future.

  1. Enable: Enable the tracking service option.
  2. Service: Select the tracking service you want to use. At the moment the plugin supports only TrackingMore.
  3. API key: Enter your TrackingMore API key. You can register for the free plan or pay for a better Tracking More plan.
  4. Customizer: Customers can tracking the shipping information from TrackingMore on a page on your site. This option redirects you to the design page of the tracking page.

Import & Export

You can add tracking code to orders product manually or using CSV files.

Add tracking codes manually.

To add tracking codes manually please go to Dashboard/ WooCommerce/ Orders select the order you want to add tracking code and click on the Edit Tracking button.

In the pop-up appear, you can select Shipping Carrier, Tracking Service or enter shipping information manually.

Add tracking codes using CSV files.

To bulking import tracking codes, you can use the import/export option of the plugin.

Go to Dashboard/ Order Tracking/ Export Orders, select the orders you need to add tracking code.

  1. Filename: enter the name of the export CSV file.
  2. Filter by orders: this option allows you specific the order you want to export by date, status, bill address, shipping address, payment methods and shipping methods.
  3. Fields: select the fields you want to exports. If you leave this empty, all the fields will be exported.

In the exported file, you add the Tracking ID, Carrier Slug, Carrier Name, Carrier type of each product.

Then you can go to Dashboard/ Order Tracking/ Import Orders Tracking to import the CSV file you just edited.

Mapping fields and import.


Extra Information

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